... to Catnip, the place Saya calls her own... fanlisting collective. This is the site that collects all of the fanlistings owned by me (Saya) and also the ones I joined.

My owned fanlistings are on my domains that are for specific types of fanlistings... which are divided between various domains - SilverBlood.Net, AkiMisa.Org DarkestSoul.Net, Dilithium-Crystal.Net and Love-Pistols.Org.


In Catnip there are 67 current listings, with 0 upcoming. The collective has 14640 members and 54 pending. Saya also joined 507 listings.


November 1, 2012:

And yes, here it is a new layout. It's a fanart, I did it after the author of this magnificent piece gave me permision to use it. It's Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf, aren't they adorable? And yes I'm hard core sterek fan =)

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Catnip (c) Saya | Header image by Eva Angel, who let me use her Sterek fanart for my layout, thank you!